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For early versions and evolution of the documents see [https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-governance here] and [[Starlingx/Initial Governance|on this wiki page.]]
For early versions and evolution of the documents see [https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/stx-governance here] and [[Starlingx/Initial Governance|on this wiki page.]]
== Special Interest Groups (SIGs) ==
There are several SIGs in the StarlingX community:
* [[StarlingX/Packet SIG|Packet SIG]] - for community members interested in working with the hardware provided by packet.com
* [[StarlingX/First Contact SIG|First Contact SIG]] - for community members interested in helping new community members
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Welcome to the StarlingX Project

See the main StarlingX web site for current information about the project and the StarlingX Documentation site for reference documentation and guides.

StarlingX is a fully featured and high performance Edge Cloud software stack that is based on the Wind River® Titanium Cloud R5 product. Intel and Wind River have jointly open sourced this software and we invite you to download, build, install, and run it.

Wind River Titanium Cloud was originally built on open source components, that were then extended and hardened to meet critical infrastructure requirements, including: high availability, fault management, and performance management. This software provides numerous features and capabilities to enable 24/7 operation of mission critical applications.

You can find an overview of the StarlingX project's features here.

The StarlingX project opens all of these enhancements to the open source community. Please join us as we build the infrastructure stack for Edge Computing.


The first StarlingX release is stx.1.0 (previously referred to as stx.2018.10) and it is available now!

  • How to get the code (placeholder)
  • You can find a pre-build image for the October 2018 release here
  • StarlingX Release Notes (stx.2018.10)
  • Latest builds
  • The latest builds are a easy way to get started and evaluate StarlingX - these builds are provided for evaluation purposes by the community.


These two documents will help get you started building, installing, and validating your installation of StarlingX:


Your contribution is welcome - check the list of "help wanted" bugs.


The StarlingX project uses Gerrit as its web-based code change management and review tool.

Planning & Process

Story and Bug Tracking

We are using the OpenStack Storyboard tool for tracking feature development activities. Each new Story shall be marked with one or more Tags, and can optionally include one or more Prefixes in the title. See Tags and Prefixes for a description of how we use them.

The StarlingX Storyboard project group is here. IMPORTANT: If you create a new story, please mark it with the tag "stx.new" so we can find it, review it and assign it to the right team/release.

We are using Launchpad for tracking bugs. IMPORTANT: If you create a new bug, please use the StarlingX Bug Template.

Sample queries:

  • To find newly created stories, use: this query
  • To find stories with no sub-project tags, use this worklist
  • To find all active stories, use this query
  • To find all active stories for stx.2.0, use this query
  • To find all active bugs for stx.2.0 in launchpad, use this query.
  • Queries for the Sub-projects are defined on each Sub-project's page


OpenStack Documentation

These are references to general OpenStack material:


You can find more information about StarlingX governance and the TSC charter on the governance section of the documentation website.

For information about the upcoming StarlingX TSC election and the election process itself please see the election document page.

For early versions and evolution of the documents see here and on this wiki page.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

There are several SIGs in the StarlingX community:

  • Packet SIG - for community members interested in working with the hardware provided by packet.com
  • First Contact SIG - for community members interested in helping new community members


We are proud to be an OpenStack Foundation project!


Weekly calls

  • The list of meetings and dial-in information can be found on this page.
  • We held a community meetup in January 2019. The agenda and meeting notes can be found here. A blog with pictures and a description of the meetup is here.

PTG Meetings

Here are the agendas and notes for our PTG meetings:

Status and Planning

This section is under construction.

Overall project planning pages

StarlingX Projects

StarlingX is both a development project and an integration project that combines new services with many other open source projects into an overall Edge Cloud software stack. We've broken the overall project into a set of separate projects to help keep things manageable. Notes from the F2F discussion on how to organize sub-teams are here

StarlingX main projects

Information on the main StarlingX development projects can be found on the wiki pages below:

Config project Fault project
HA project GUI project
Metal project NFV project
Update project Distributed Cloud project

StarlingX supporting projects

In addition to the main StarlingX development projects there are also additional projects to help us develop, maintain, document, build and release the overall StarlingX software stack.

Docs and Infra project Build project
Distro - OpenStack project Distro - Non-OpenStack project
Test project Security project
Containers project Networking project
Releases project MultiOS project

StarlingX cross-project initiatives

There are several initiatives we are implementing that cross project boundaries:

Python2 to Python3 Transition Zuul Enablement and Coverage
Devstack Integration StarlingX In-a-box


  • Create a Project Map graphic that captures all of this in a graphical way, similar to (or an extension of) the OpenStack project map.

Upstream Status

The StarlingX code base contains a number of out-of-tree patches against other open source components. One of our highest priorities is to contribute those changes to their upstream communities.

We are tracking the progress of resolving the OpenStack patches in an shared Google document. If you need write access to the document, please request it through the Google sheet directly.

We are tracking the Non-OpenStack patches in a a different shared Google document. Please send an email to BruceJ @ Intel with your gmail.com email address for access to the document.

Platform features

Features that are unique to a specific hardware platform are described here.

Draft: BruceJ's re-write of the wiki

Bruce's draft new front page of the wiki: draft new wiki home page