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Board of Directors - January 26, 2016 Meeting

The OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors will meet at 1:00pm - 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00) on January 26, 2016. Directors may participate via conference dial-in. Audio from the meeting will also be available to the community.

To join the session:

  1. Go to https://openstack.webex.com/openstack/k2/j.php?MTID=t42a48f22a25d41afac6a10685abf18e0
  2. Enter your name and email address (or registration ID).
  3. Enter the session password: This session does not require a password.
  4. Click "Join Now".
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Board Meeting Agenda (DRAFT)

* Chair: Alan Clark, Vice Chair: Lew Tucker
* Minutes: Mark Radcliffe
* Julia Dechance will monitor and manage the webex connection
* Non official meeting discussion Channels:
** webex chat
** IRC: #openstack-board
** Etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/UnofficialBoardNotes-Jan26-2016

(13:00) Call To Order, Open Session

  1. Roll Call
  2. Approve minutes from December 3, 2015 board meeting

(13:15) Welcome to the new board members.

  1. Thank you and best wishes to Jonathan LaCour, John Zannos, Randy Bias, Rob Hirschfeld, Tsugikazu Shibata for their time and effort, continued support and contributions to the OpenStack Board efforts.
  2. Welcome to Anni Lai, Kenji Kaneshige, Mark Baker, Manju Ramanathpura, Allison Randal (1 minute introductions)
  3. 2016 board members
    1. Platinum Member Directors
      • Alan Clark
        Eileen Evans
        Imad Sousou
        Mark Baker
        Mark McLouglin
        Toby Ford
        Todd Moore
        Van Lindberg
    2. Gold Member Directors
      • Alex Freedland
        Anni Lai
        Kenji Kaneshige
        Lew Tucker
        Manju Ramanathpura
        Robert Esker
        Roland Chan
        Steven Hallet
    3. Individual Member Directors
      • Allison Randal
        Boris Renski
        Egle Sigler
        Kavit Munshi
        Monty Taylor
        Russell Bryant
        Shane Wang
        Tim Bell
  4. (13:30) Policy Reminders:
    1. Antitrust policy (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/AntitrustPolicy)
    2. Code of Conduct (https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation/CodeOfConduct)
    3. Transparency policy (http://www.openstack.org/legal/transparency-policy/)
      No tweeting or other social media postings of meeting content during board meetings. No commenting on Board meeting contents and decisions until Executive Director publishes a meeting summary
    4. Board Communication Channels
      1. WebEx for the board meeting calls (thank you to Lew)
        Call in information and meeting appointments will be sent to each Director. Directors please use the webex link sent to you in the appointment. If all Directors use the assigned webex link we will be able to utilize additional webex features.
        Call in information will be sent to the Foundation mailing list and the Gold member mailing list
        1. Practice Polling using webex
      2. Foundation mailing list
        As per the Transparency policy, "communications regarding Foundation governance will take place on the Foundation mailing list".
        Board and Community members, please subscribe at: http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/foundation.
      3. Board mailing lists (Jonathan will add the board members to these lists)
        1. Foundation-board@lists.openstack.org,
          The Foundation-board mailing list is read/write for board members, readonly for community members. Please use this list for board discussions
        2. Foundation-board-confidential@lists.openstack.org
          Foundation-board-confidential mailing list for use with Board confidential information and documents
      4. IRC: #openstack-board
      5. Etherpad: etherpad.openstack.org/p/UnofficialBoardNotes-<Month><Date>-<Year> example:
      6. Wiki: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Governance/Foundation
        Board meeting agendas will be posted on this site prior to the meeting
        A call for agenda items will be made at least 1 week prior to the meeting
      7. Board Packet
        A board packet will be provide to the Directors, containing the materials for the meeting. When feasible materials will also be posted to the wiki

(14:00) 2016 Board meeting schedule

(14:10) Committee Actions and Updates

  1. DefCore - Egle
    1. Quick report and request for Board's approval for changes to DefCore process document (2016A) and approval for 2016.01 guidelines. The changes are detailed in this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D7hM4kJkfS7PNUpmeRmL_CvwoHZS3CW7k6EELgsfaY8/
      2016A: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/234824/
      2016.01.json: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/239830/
  2. User Committee - Shilla, Jon
    1. Board approval for board appointed committee chair
  3. Update Committee memberships and Associated Work Groups
    1. Review the etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/UnofficialBoardNotes-Jan26-2016
  4. New Member Committee
    1. Need to schedule a meeting. Committee needs to choose a chairperson

(14:40) Strategic Discussions

  1. Mission Statement Amendment - Russell
    At the last joint board-tc meeting, we discussed a possible update to the OpenStack mission statement. The TC drafted a proposed update. Russell will present the proposed update and we'll put it up for approval.
    The proposed update: http://governance.openstack.org/resolutions/20160106-mission-amendment.html

(15:00) Meeting Close

Please Note

  1. Annual Report: Directors have received a draft version, please review by Friday January 29.