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Release Board

For each release, we will have a center console(a board in the storyboard) to show all things related to all cyborg projects for a specific release.

Bug Report or Feature Registration

If you want to register a feature or report a bug:

Step1: Check if someone else has already reported this bug or registered this feature in the storyboard as a story or task. (example. a bug can be a story with one or two tasks, a feature is usually a story with multiple tasks.)

Step2: Go to the right project page listed here https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project_group/77

Step3: Create a story with the bug/feature descriptions and tags, make sure you add the right tags for it! Cyborg release board automatically filters stories by tags and then append them to the corresponding worklist according to pre-set tag policy determined by the cyborg-core-team. All reviews will be focused on the stories tracked on the Release Board, so it is highly recommended that you choose the right tags for your story.

Step4: When you are submitting a patch to resolve this bug or implement this feature, add the following metadata to your commit-message REF:

  • Use 'Story' and 'Task' on two different lines if the commit is intended to fully implement the referenced task, which is associated to the referenced story.
    • Story: 1234567
    • Task: 98765
  • Use only 'Story' (without 'Task') if the commit is merely related to the referenced story, without implementing any of the tasks. This may indicate that a task is missing.
    • Story: 1234567