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Victoria Release Tags

In order to make sure your story gets attractions from the cyborg-core-team and well processed, adding the right tags when creating a story is of great importance.

  • Standard Victoria Tags:
    • cyborg-victoria
    • bug
    • feature
    • low-hanging fruit
    • milestone1
    • milestone2
    • milestone3
    • cyborg-api
    • cyborg-agent
    • cyborg-conductor
    • cyborg-driver
  • In Victoria release, all stories should include at least two tags:
    • Compulsory tag 1: "cyborg-victoria".
    • Compulsory tag 2: If it is a bug, then add tag "bug", if it is a feature, then add "feature".
    • Half-compulsory tag 3: Tags like "milestone1", "milestone2", "milestone3" are for implementation deadlines.
    • Optional tag 4: Tags like "cyborg-api", "cyborg-agent", "cyborg-conductor", "cyborg-driver" are to show where the main change will take place.

NOTE: 'Half-compulsory tag 3' above means a milestone tag is compulsory for some like new features, while optional for others such as bugfix. Even though, we recommend that you add a milestone tag if the bugfix is a significant bugfix.