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Database Program (Trove) - Juno Mid-cycle Meetup


There will be a mid-cycle meetup for ATCs (Active Technical Contributors) to the OpenStack Database program in August, 2014. The final schedule of topics will be determined by those that attend, shortly before the event.

Tesora [1] is helping organize this event.


3 days, August 20-22, 2014


The MidCycle Meetup will be held at MIT (CSAIL), in Cambridge, MA.

The meetings will be in building 32 [2]

Event Details

On Tuesday, from 9AM to 5PM, Tesora is organizing an OpenStack Trove Day, a day of events about OpenStack with a focus on Trove. If you are attending the mid-cycle meetup, consider attending this event as well. Contact Amrith (amrith (at) tesora (dot) com, or amrith on IRC) or Doug (doug (at) tesora (dot) com, or dougshelley66 on IRC) for more details

Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-11 Meet 'n greet / Show 'n Tell State of CI and Testing OpenStack Integration (oslo, ceilometer, heat, etc)
11-1 Current state of blueprints Replication and Failover UI / Horizon update + Capabilities
1-3 Current state of Docs Clustering Next Steps Trove Hacking Session - III
3-5 Trove Hacking Session - I Trove Hacking Session - II Parking Lot


Key Signing Party

If there is interest, we will conduct a Key Signing Party More details at: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/OpenPGP_Web_of_Trust/Trove_Icehouse_Sprint

Name Key
Amrith Kumar 0D22 859E BE93 63F5 9DD6 35BC 5E48 849A 9D21 A29B
Nikhil Manchanda 5674 7211 71F8 CD59 F285 353D 9692 757E BCD3 D66C
Steve Leon 02F1 F2AE C17D 66D2 1B1B B75C EF3B 2AB9 FFF4 F9EA
Craig Vyvial 8975 C9C2 E879 309A 771B 7C01 046B FABA F4BD 6CC2
<name here> <your key signature here>


Hotels close to the event (closest on the top of the list).

Cambridge Marriott, 50 Broadway, Cambridge [3]

We have a block of rooms here at $259 per night. The advertised rates are much higher ($324). When booking be sure to ask for the "Tesora" event rate.

There are several other hotels in the neighborhood. If you get a much better deal, please update this page so others can benefit from it.

UPDATE: The block is for the mid-cycle meetup as well as people who are attending the Trove event sponsored by Tesora. They'll fill up fast, book quickly. Cambridge is expensive and other options are likely to be a lot more pricey.


  • Recommended airport: BOS, Boston Logan International Airport, Boston, MA
  • Alternate airport: PVD, T.F. Green International Airport, Providence, RI
  • Alternate airport: MHT, Manchester Airport, Manchester, NH

Things to do

Several people from the Tesora team are from the Boston area. Contact any of us.