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OpenPGP Web of Trust/Trove Icehouse Sprint

Trove Mid-Cycle Icehouse Sprint Key Signing

If you plan to join us, please bring one or more forms of photo identification, and make sure the real name on your key corresponds to the name on your ID. If you want additional tips, see the parent article.

If you want to bring cards or pieces of paper with your name and key fingerprint then feel free, but if you add your information to the table below we will do our best to bring paper copies (at least enough for the people who are listed here) for use as a checklist so that you won't need to use your computer. Please bring extra pens or pencils however, if you can, since there may not be many of those to go around.

People participating in identification exchange
Real Name IRC Nick Key Fingerprint Preferred E-mail Address
Nikhil Manchanda slicknik 5674 7211 71F8 CD59 F285 353D 9692 757E BCD3 D66C nikhil@manchanda.me
Steve Leon esmute 02F1 F2AE C17D 66D2 1B1B B75C EF3B 2AB9 FFF4 F9EA steve.leon@hp.com
Justin Hopper juice 7463 498F 7D3B 7DB3 FFBF 4946 C02F 046F EA23 8CF3 justin.hopper@me.com
Michael Basnight hub_cap 9D60 7133 8AFE 4FE5 45D9 625E 9E86 DD8C 3DB5 897B mbasnight@gmail.com
Craig Vyvial cp16net 8975 C9C2 E879 309A 771B 7C01 046B FABA F4BD 6CC2 cp16net@gmail.com
Dan Nguyen esp D9D4 F72E 82FC EFCE 1923 B140 9163 F056 AE67 298E dan.nguyens.mail@gmail.com
Daniel Salinas imsplitbit 54C5 515E 71FB 1533 2332 F115 78EE B83C 964B C17C imsplitbit@gmail.com
Andrew Bramley abramley 7082 00CC 9C6F 7523 C3B1 2CB4 9E67 CA34 2DAA 044F andrew@tesora.com
Amrith Kumar amrith 0D22 859E BE93 63F5 9DD6 35BC 5E48 849A 9D21 A29B amrith@tesora.com
Paul Marshall pdmars 2DCA A0AB 6DEC A717 FC80 A6D1 9F08 2613 795C B691 paul.marshall@rackspace.com
Vipul Sabhaya vipul B7FA 44B3 32C7 1A3A F606 1ED7 A2C7 95BC 02AE 77A2 vipul.sabhaya@hp.com
Doug Shelley dougshelley66 95FB 1D3D 900D 67F9 FDA9 C378 6B34 FD08 BA22 5C73 doug@tesora.com
Joe Cruz jcru A266 E400 2C05 5F0F 331E 06E6 6CB6 5D33 A00B FEE9 joe.cruz@rackspace.com
Alex Tomic atomic77 C503 BE83 65E4 2672 8BB7 AA1B E480 0C76 EE00 E285 tomica@usi.ch
Tim Simpson grapex C5A1 91E9 A6E5 AD3F 348C E8FE 7933 CC8C 3839 0CA3 timsimpson4gmail.com
Auston McReynolds amcrn C322 E549 AEC9 E0B4 C9D4 E381 C040 E88C A360 BB34 auston@gmail.com
Kevin Conway kevinconway FDDA D127 50B4 9099 35C9 B46B 6130 7ADF A560 7BAE kevinjacobconway@gmail.com
Ivan Zoratti IvanZ 13BE 505A C07E F8B5 3D35 6A6A 9095 6BEC 1516 8524 ivan@skysql.com