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Travel Support Program/Juno

OpenStack Travel Support Program - Juno edition

The OpenStack Foundation brought 21 people to Atlanta for the Summit in May, thanks to the grants offered by the Travel Support Program, sponsored by VMware. We had 21 people accepted in the program from 8 countries and all around the world. Five people traveled from India, seven from Europe, three from Africa and the rest were from North America and South-East Asia. Of the selected recipients, two were unable to attend due to VISA timing issues, but we were excited to welcome the 21 attendees who were able to make the trip.

Composition of the Committee for Atlanta 2014

  • From the Board of Directors: Alan Clark, Randy Bias, Sean Roberts.
  • From the Technical Committee: Anne Gentle, Doug Hellmann, Sean Dague.
  • From the User Committee: Jaesuk Ahn, Tim Bell.
  • From the Ambassadors: Erwan Gallen, Michael Still, Marcelo Dieder.
  • From OpenStack Foundation: Claire Massey, Stefano Maffulli, Tom Fifield.

Deadlines for Atlanta 2014 Summit

  • Jan 28 Initial publication, start collecting applications via online application form.
  • Mar 2 Final deadline to submit applications
  • Mar 3 Start evaluation of submissions by Travel Committee
  • Mar 24 Notifications of approved grantees

Travel rewards

The grants covered a combination of flights, accommodation and access pass to the Summit. The Foundation spent a total of $33,376 for flights and $7,751 for flights for a total cost for the Foundation of more than $40,000 USD including the costs of 10 access passes granted to non-ATCs (Active Technical Contributors).