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Travel Support Program

OpenInfra Foundation Travel Support Program

The program's aim is to facilitate participation of key contributors to the Open Infrastructure Summit/ PTG by covering costs for travel and accommodation. The Travel Support Program is based on the promise of Open Design. Key contributors are contributors whose presence is specifically relevant for the topics to be discussed at the Summit/PTG they're applying to.

Each recipient’s flight + hotel costs anywhere from USD $2,000 - $3,000. The program depends on donations from individuals to get as many community members to the Summit as possible so the more the wider community can give, the more people we can help support! Read about the impact donations can have on Travel Support recipients.

Criteria and process

All contributors to Open Infra Foundation-supported projects (developers, documentation writers, organizers of user groups around the world, translators, etc) are invited to submit a request. PTLs and code reviewers also are requested to propose candidates.

  • Candidates apply by filling out this online form
  • OIF staff ranks applicants and then begins notifying them of accepted/not accepted status, and coordinates directly with the key contributors to arrange for their travel, according to the level of funds granted.
  • An OIF Travel Agent coordinates with accepted applicants to book flights

Who decides

The travel committee is comprised of the OIF staff. Applicants are evaluated based on all of the information they include in their application. If there is something you think might be relevant, please include it! We do extra research based on what you've mentioned in your application as well, so please don't try to lie; its likely we will find out.

How to apply

Apply by filling out this online form

Travel rewards

The grants + individual donations will cover a combination of flights, accommodation and access pass to the Summit and/or PTG. It is easier for the Foundation to cover just the cost of registration than to cover the entire conference expense- travel, hotel, and registration so please try to be as conservative with your needs as you can so we can help more community members.

Reports from previous editions