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ThirdPartySystems/IBM z/VM CI

3rd party system: IBM z/VM CI
Gerrit Account: zvmosci
Contact Information: zvmosci@us.ibm.com routes to minders (currently: Xiao Mei Zheng)
Intent: Test z/VM plugins for nova, neutron
Structure: Ubuntu on x86 as controller and compute nodes driving z/VM LPAR back end via the cloudlib4zvm. For more information, please see https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ZVMDriver/zVM-CI
Method: Zuul monitoring event queue
OpenStack Programs: nova, networking-zvm, nova-zvm-virt-driver
Current Status: non-reporting, for more information please see http://extbasicopstackcilog01.podc.sl.edst.ibm.com/zvm_ci_status In each tested project status table, the first column is linked to each code patch, second column is linked to test logs.