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This is the IBM z/VM CI status page.

The z/VM CI cloud currently runs OpenStack Mitaka release. Most devstack-gate jobs run on Ubuntu Xenial single use slaves.

Logs are uploaded to Softlayer's virtual log server and expire in 1 month. The test jobs are using devstack-gate to setup devstack and run the Tempest test suite.


  • IRC: Laurene
  • Email: zvmosci@linux.vnet.ibm.com

Current Status

  • nova, non-reporting,

System Status

Outage history
Start End Description

Projects Tested

As z/VM CI has not been granted report access, current test status for all tested projects can be seen at Zuul Testing Report.

The report is compiled form zuul logs and Jenkins log, and is updated periodically. It might include aborted or otherwise terminated builds. In each tested project status table, the first column is linked to each code patch, second column is linked to test logs.


  • Nova

Skipped Tests

There are currently a few skipped tests, see test run logs for details.

Known Issues


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