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Proposed Ideas

  • https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Swift/discoverable_configs_and_functests
  • erasure code storage policy, erasure code library integration
  • storage policy work
  • backend refactorings (DiskFile, DBBroker, etc)
  • ssync (non rsync replication)
  • release cycles. any need to update it as the community has grown?
  • swift-bench repo
  • public cluster testing
  • swift3 features (eg multipart-upload -> static large object)
  • code review for major features (ssync, multi-ring, refactors)
  • Daemon consolidation
  • System Metadata
  • Support multiple policies on the same ring, multiple rings on the same policy
  • Federated Swift patch set intro

- python-swiftclient discussion


Get in groups, work on what you're interested in (see above for ideas).


  • "What are you working on, how's it going?" standup-style meeting. first thing in the morning?
  • afternoon code reviews (ssync, multi-ring, refactors)

Wed pm: BBQ dinner


We have the venue from 9am to 7pm every day. Lunch is provided (via a lunch ticket to the venue cafe). Wed BBQ will be at Kruez in Lockhart. We'll have a bus to take everyone there. Coffee, tea, soft drinks provided am and pm. Parking passes will be provided to those needing them.