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Swift/discoverable configs and functests

Right now all functional tests in swift have to be runnable in any swift installation. There is a good reason for this but as a side effect there are no functests in the repo for optional middleware. This is a big hole in our testing framework.

I've been working with Richard Hawkins and Carlos Martinez , a couple of our Rackspace QE guys, to combine the work they're doing in https://github.com/stackforge/cloudroast with some middleware that Rick is writing (i'm basically in an advisory role :) ).

What I'd like is for the his middleware, which allows for configuration discoverability, to be added into the swift repo and for the optional middleware tests that are already in cloudroast to be adapted to use the middleware. A user would be able to add the discoverable middleware into their pipeline and run the cloudroast tests on their SAIO, staging and even production env. The tests will be able to query the middleware to get info about the specific setup to be able to run its tests successfully.

We'd need to discuss the details at the hackathon but I think this could be a huge win for the general health of swift clusters.