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StoryBoard/Story Tags

User stories

  • Developers want to classify and group bugs and features in predictable and unpredictable ways
  • New contributors want to find low-hanging-fruit bugs to get an easy introduction to OpenStack contribution
  • Drivers want to implement specific workflows to incoming bugs or blueprints


Tags are applied to stories.

Tags can be:

  • free-form (grey/green background): anything you want, [a-z_-]
  • system tags (blue background): tags that anyone can set but with some well-established meaning behind them (think: low-hanging-fruit)
  • protected tags (red background): tags that only a specific team can set (think: approved being set by project drivers)

Unsolved issues

  • If tags are applied to stories, who can set protected tags on a multi-project story ? Drivers are attached to projects !
  • If a free-form tag is applied by a user, who is going this tag to be visible to? The user may be a member of some team and he may want to share his tags.

Alternative solutions

  • Use status fields (incomplete, confirmed...) instead of protected tags for workflow