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Res Mgmt SIG

Resource Management SIG

Status: Forming (Proposal: https://www.mail-archive.com/openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org/msg114556.html)

Description: The formation of the SIG is to provide a gathering of similar interested parties and establish an official channel cross different communities, one example of which is the Kubernetes Resource Management WG. Currently we have already OpenStack developers actively participating in kubernetes discussion, we would hope the ResMgmt SIG could further help such activities and better align the resource mgmt mechanism, especially the data modeling between the two communities (or even more communities with similar desire).

Participation: Please feel free to add your contact information in the below Interested Members section if you are interested or SIG Leads section if you have time and energy to do the dirty work of cross-community work (coding, design, discussion, summary writeup, ...)

Potential Goals

  • Build a cross-community team that laser focus on resource management.
  • Publish a bi-weekly summary report to help the sync up
  • Make cross community goals regarding resource management for a given time frame (for example overlapping time for releases shared by different communities)
  • Whitepaper write up if necessary or desired.
  • Others: TBD!


  • Devs or users who are interested in OpenStack, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, Open Compute Project or other open source communities that provide resource management related functionalities for cloud computing.

SIG Leads

  • Howard Huang (Cyborg)
  • Chris Dent (Nova Placement)
  • Jay Pipes (Nova In-large)

Community Infrastructure

Related Projects



Interested Members

Howard Huang (zhipengh512@gmail.com)

Jay Pipes (jaypipes@gmail.com)

Chris Dent (cdent+os@anticdent.org)

Eric Fried (openstack@fried.cc)

Alex Xu (soulxu@gmail.com)