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OpenStack Gold Member Call - March 24th, 1-2pm pacific

Thursday, March 24, 2016

1:00 pm | Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00) | 1 hr

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Agenda :

Meeting notes :

Attendees : Alan, Anni, Kenji, Rico, Torii, Arkady, Manju ( Host )

  • Reviewed board meeting agenda.
  • With respect to Diversity WG agenda - talked about lack of good participation from members, what do we need to do to improve participation. Requested gold members to socialize the WG details with their respective companies. Team also recognized the progress we have made in terms of diversifying board member and track chairs.
  • Discussed about new member committee - efforts lead by this committee to help onboarding new members to the foundation.
  • Quickly discussed about the updated mission statement, no comments/edits recommended at this time.
  • Anni requested members to socialize following white papers with their respective companies.
  • Had a deeper discussion around the board meeting agenda "2. Strategic discussion - Mark C."
    • Review of target market, adjacent ecosystem and opportunities & gaps.
    • As we expand our ecosystem, we should be mindful and clear on the impact of the expansion to release process, defcore, restack.
    • We should also share the test results ( like tests done by OPNFV ) and improve collaboration between ecosystem partners.
    • Need a better clarification on the boundaries for OpenStack, where does OpenStack end and where do ecosystems take over.
    • There was also a comment on challenges vendors / startups face as they work on differentiation and OpenStack eventually end up solving the problem in open source.
    • Collaboration between the Containers community, Cloud Foundry and OpenStack keeps bubbling up. There are some overlaps in terms of the scope of these projects, which makes the collaboration challenge ( e.g orchestration functionality with Kubernetes and OpenStack Heat ).