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In Ceilometer, the meters are polled in the form of Counter(namedtuple) as below, do we need two different peer objects or a common lower level object for both meters and metrics?

Counter = collections.namedtuple('Counter',
                                 ' '.join([

Monitoring Metrics

As the monitoring metrics, take ganglia metric as an example(Gmetad XML dump):

        -Cluster Name
	        -METRIC NAME="swap_free" 
		-TN="138" - timestamp 
		-TMAX="180"  (like a leasetime - freshness)
		-DMAX="0"  (how long to retain old records)
	        -SLOPE="both" (+ = counter, others = gauge)


Ceilometer Counter Ganglia Metric
delta|cumulative) positive|negative|both) more from metadata
unit UNITS
volume VAL
user_id None (appropriate for a meter, not monitor)
project_id None (appropriate for a meter, not monitor)
resource_id(swift: tenant_id, compute:instance_id, glance:image_id) Host (FQDN)
timestamp Ganglia TN (current time - TN = timestamp when metric published)
resource_metadata NONE