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Monitoring Physical Devices


It should be possible to monitor physical devices in the OpenStack environment. The monitored devices are:

  • the physical servers on which Glance, Cinder, Quantum, Swift, Nova compute node and Nova controller runs
  • the network devices used in the OpenStack environment (switches, firewalls ...)

High Level Description

There is a new Ceilometer agent needed to achieve this. This agent should run on every physical OpenStack server. To collect data there should be a way to define and support plugins to collect the data(SNMP, Proc, IPMI ...). For example, to monitor network devices we can simply add and configure a SNMP extension on any physical OpenStack server.

Picture of architecture: attachment:architecture.jpg

Class diagram: attachment:Class Diagram

User stories

Questions that must be answered:

  • Network
    • Is enough network bandwith aviable?
    • What is the trend of network usage?
    • How much bandwith does a customer use?
    • How much internet bandwith does a customer use?
  • Compute
    • Is enough computing power aviable?
    • How much computing power does a customer use?
    • Is enough RAM aviable?
    • How much local storage does a customer use?
  • Storage
    • Is enough storage aviable?
    • How much storage does a customer use?
  • Miscellaneous
    • How many new customers can be served?
    • What are the temperature of the components?