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What is Bareon?

Bareon provides flexible and data driven interface to perform actions which are related to operating system installation. In contrary to standard kickstart and preseed ways of installation, Bareon provides a uniform interface for system configuration. Higher level of flexibility is open via this interface for other tools and products, such as Ironic [2] or Fuel. It is to be a tool similar to old plain OS installation tools like anaconda or debian-installer but drastically more convenient.

To summarise what Bareon is:

  • flexible partitioning system
  • image building functionality, mostly non-cloud use-cases that assume advanced partitioning, OS upgrading, in-place image building
  • image/repo based provisioning

Project information

Release Cycle

Release cycle of specific release depends on amount of features it has, see roadmap and release status on launchpad.

We will try our best to have small and stable releases every 1-2 months.

Project meetings

Specific date and the channel will be identified later, until then use #openstack-bareon channel.


Detailed Roadmap can be found here.

Useful information