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Latest releases

No released versions

Release in development

Version 1.0.0
Title Blueprint
Partitioning without provisioning (pluggable do_* actions) pluggable-do-actions
Bareon functional testing bareon-functional-testing
Rsync image deployment rsync-image-deployment
Multi image deployment multi-image-deployment
Policy-based partitioning policy-based-partitioning
Size unit conversion and relative sizing size-unit-conversion-and-relative-sizing
Add user docs for Ironic driver add-user-docs-for-ironic-driver

Future releases

Note: release dates and scoping of future releases can be changed.

Version 1.1.0
Title Blueprint
UEFI support uefi-support
Image building process should be extendable improve-image-building
Dynamic volume allocation dynamic-allocation

Version 1.2.0
Title Blueprint
Data driven decommission data-driven-decommission
Version 1.3.0
Title Blueprint
Multi-type image building (tarball, fs, disk) multi-type-image-building
Version 1.4.0
Title Blueprint
Raid support raid-support
Multi-path disk configuration multipath-disks-configuration
Improve dynamic volumes allocation dynamic-allocation-improvments
Version 1.5.0
Title Blueprint
Life cycle management life-cycle-managment
Version 1.6.0
Title Blueprint
LVM mirror support lvm-mirror-support
Disks check after unexpected shutdown disks-check-after-unexpected-shutdown
Title Blueprint
Image pre-reboot configuration (good pluggable interface) No blueprint
Image delivery (support several transports [glance, torrent, etc]) No blueprint
Building of CentOS images No blueprint
Extract nailgun data driver into separate repo refactor-data-drivers
Move content from contrib directory to separate repositories remove-contrib-directory-from-bareon
Title Blueprint
Diskless nodes cases (probably should be solved by deployment tools) No blueprint
Using of Ironic for power and dhcp management No blueprint