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Distro Non-Openstack Sub-project

Team Information

  • Project Lead: Cindy Xie <cindy.xie@intel.com>
  • Technical Lead: Saul Wold <sgw@linux.intel.com>; Brent Rowsell <Brent.Rowsell@windriver.com>
  • Core Reviewers for "stx-integ" project: Saul Wold <sgw@linux.intel.com>; Brent Rowsell <Brent.Rowsell@windriver.com>; Scott Little (scott.little@windriver.com); Bob Church(Robert.Church@windriver.com); Don Penney (Don.Penney@windriver.com );Jim Somerville <Jim.Somerville@windriver.com>;
  • Contributors: Austin Sun <austin.sun@intel.com>; Yi Wang <yi.c.wang@intel.com>; Shuicheng Lin <shuicheng.lin@intel.com>; Yan Chen <yan.chen@intel.com>; Ghada Khalil <ghada.khalil@windriver.com>; Jim Somerville <Jim.Somerville@windriver.com>; Zhipeng Liu <zhipengs.liu@intel.com>;

Weekly Call

Team Objective / Priorities

  • Responsible for non-OpenStack (Ceph included) patches in StarlingX to upstream
  • Libvirt and qemu patches analysis and upstream/upgrading.
  • Responsible for non-OpenStack components (RPM & sRPM, Ceph included) upgrade in the distribution with CentOS 7 LTS
  • 2018 Priorities (Done)
    • Reduce non-OpenStack patches by 10% by end of 2018, stretch goal of 30%
    • Upgrade CentOS from 7.4 to 7.5 in stx.2018.10 release
  • 2019 Priorities (In Review w/ stx.2.0 and stx.3.0 Release)
    • Reduce non-OpenStack patches by 50% by mid of 2019 and 90% by end of 2019
    • upgrade CentOS 7.6 LTS in 2019 stx.2.0

Story Board Tags

All story board stories created for this team should use the tag "stx.distro.other". Worklist for active story in this sub-project has been created: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/worklist/450

Team Work Items

  • The Etherpad that contains a previous version of the Story list (now mostly obsolete) is here.
  • ToDo:
    • 'Ensure all branding, UI and logos say "StarlingX" (waiting on art assets ETA end of July)
    • TBD: Should updating to CentOS 7.5 and updating qemy/libvirt be tracked in the Distro project or in their own projects? [Ghada: I believe we agreed this will be tracked by the Distro Non-Openstack team] - stories created.
    • Upstream patch submission for other (non-Openstack) projects (ToDo: split up into sub-sub projects) https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/worklist/358 - all patches are tracked using a patch master xls sheet: here


  • Capture status - what's the cadence? weekly?
  • 2018/08/06:
  • 2018/08/13: