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OpenStack Releases

Series Status Releases
Grizzly Under development Due Apr 4, 2013
Folsom Current stable release 2012.2 Sep 27, 2012
align="left" < 4> Essex align="left" < 4> Supported 2012.1 Apr 5, 2012
2012.1.1 Jun 22, 2012
2012.1.2 Aug 10, 2012
2012.1.3 Oct 12, 2012
align="left" < 2> Diablo align="left" < 2> Community-supported, security-supported 2011.3 Sep 22, 2011
2011.3.1 Jan 19, 2012
Cactus Deprecated 2011.2 Apr 15, 2011
Bexar Deprecated 2011.1 Feb 3, 2011
Austin Deprecated 2010.1 Oct 21, 2010


Security fixes

The Vulnerability Management team provides advisories with patches for the two previous releases of OpenStack. Older releases may or may not be supported by their stable maintenance teams, see below.

Stable branches

Stable branches are centralized efforts to maintain bugfixes and vulnerability fixes for released OpenStack project versions in ready-to-use branches.

Current stable release (Folsom)

The current stable release branches are maintained by the openstack-stable-maint team. This team makes sure security fixes are included in the stable branch by the time security advisories go out.


The Essex stable branch (stable/essex) is still maintained (for a few more weeks) by the openstack-stable-maint team. Then it will switch to a dedicated team.


The Diablo stable branch (stable/diablo) is maintained by the openstack-diablo-maint community team. Please join if you're still interested in Diablo !