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The OpenStack Persona Working Group

This is the project page for the OpenStack Persona Working Group. The first meeting for this group was held on January 17, 2014, at which the following was decided:

  • The goal of the Persona Working Group project is to make clear the needs of the people who are consuming OpenStack, so the community understands what the product they're building needs to provide.
  • Initially the focus will be on technically-focused personas in order to ease development and also get community buy-in.
  • Methodology will be based on creating personas using the following video as guidance: http://aycl.uie.com/virtual_seminars/building_personas_in_30_days_or_less; rather than be site-visit focused, it will be more questionnaire focused.
  • Initial "buckets" (categories) that we will focus on are: Operator, User, Developer. These are intentionally broad.
  • Within those buckets will go the roles defined below (lines 68 to 165 in the Etherpad), as agreed by the working group.
  • Once we have roles, we will develop questions and recruit participants.
  • Roles are designed to make sure we haven't missed sub-groups within the buckets, and to facilitate question creation.
  • Decisions will be discussed in meetings but "ratified" on the mailing list, in case people miss the meeting.

Relevant documents: