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Potential Personas

These personas were drawn from IBM's concepts of roles, and have been winnowed down. Let's use them as a starting point to figure out which persona roles we want to target. Please fill out the user roles you've come across and/or believe we need to focus on, as well as list the title/role that is typically used to refer to the persona role.

The goal is to have 3-4 technical personas, and 3-4 marketing personas.

Cloud Service Creator: Develop the technical and business aspects of a (simple or higher-level) cloud service

1) Service Component Dev.: Design, implement, publish and maintain the technical aspects of a service component [Liz, Nermina, Ju, David Lyle, Dave Neary]

  • Mirantis: Service Developer
  • Ju: Service Developer, Cloud Developer
  • Ju: Suggest to focus on this user role (as part of the technical community focus)

3) Offering Manager: Define offering characteristics for a cloud service (price, royalties, subscription, etc.) [Nermina, David Lyle]

  • Mirantis Service Sales Manager/Specialist
  • Ju: Cloud Service Manager, Portfolio Manager, Product Manager, Product Owner

Cloud Service Provider: Provide all types of services (SPI, etc.) to a Service Consumer

4) Deployment Architect: Evaluate and configure service settings and assure compliance requirements are met [Liz, Ju, Dave Neary]

  • Mirantis: Solution Architect. This is a common term that describes a technical person who can ensure all customer needs are met prior to deployment and formal service engagement.
  • Ju: Data Center Architect, Cloud Architect

5) Business Manager: Negotiate and manage service creator contracts and consumer accounts

7) Customer Account Manager: Be available to (private cloud) customer 24x7 (monitoring usage, SLA, etc.) [Jacki, Liz, Ju, Dave Neary]

  • Ju: Account Manager

8) Transition Manager: Enable consumer to use the cloud service, incl. boarding, integration, etc. [Ju]

  • Mirantis: remove Transition Manager - Solution Architect should fulfill this role
  • Ju: Infrastructure Manager

11) Service Manager: Ensuring smooth service processes for all operational and business support systems [Ju]

  • Ju: This role tends to exist if company has embraced / adopted ITIL, otherwise it's usually part of the IT / Operations Manager role

12) Security & Risk Manager: Manage Provider’s risks associated with development, delivery, support and use of services [Ju, David Lyle]

  • Ju: Security Specialist / Manager

13) Operations Manager: Manage technical infrastructure required for providing cloud services [Liz, Ju]

14) Operator: Monitor running systems, and track and initially triage events [Jacki, Liz, Ju, David Lyle]

  • Ju: Cloud Operator, Service Provider Operator, Tenant Operator (should this be under Cloud Service Consumer?)
  • Ju: Suggest to focus on this user role (as part of the technical community focus)

15) IT Administrator: Responsible for all cloud operational processes in their area of expertise (e.g., Network) [Jacki, Liz, Ju, David Lyle, Dave Neary]

  • Ju: Cloud Administrator (The Cloud Administrator works directly with System, Network and Cloud Storage Administrators)
  • Ju: Is this a single role or is this a generic role to cover multiple domains (network, storage, compute)?
  • David Lyle: can be individual per service
  • Ju: Suggest to focus on this user role (as part of the technical community focus)

Cloud Service Consumer: Consume all types of services (SPI) offered by a Service Provider

20) Consumer Business Manager: Financial, incl. approval, responsibility and accountability for consumed services [Ju]

  • Ju: Business Unit Manager

21) Service Integrator: Design, develop, & maintain the integration between cloud and (non-) cloud environments [Jacki, Ju]

22) Consumer Administrator: Responsible for all cloud operational processes, and techn. communication between Provider and Consumer [Jacki, Liz, Ju, David Lyle]

  • David Lyle: Domain Administrator: end user with admin rights for entities in a Domain.

23) Tenant Administrator: Responsible for administering a customer’s communities and their resources [Jacki, Liz, Ju]

  • Piet: I would really like to understand how this roles varies within a service provider organization to an enterprise implementing a private cloud.
  • Ju: Isn't the Tenant Administrator == Domain Administrator in OpenStack?
  • Ju: Suggest to focus on this user role (as part of the technical community focus)

24) Workload Administrator: Administer workload and services to meet the needs and SLAs of end users [Jacki, Liz]

  • Ju: Isn't this usually part of the IT Administrator role? For non IT Administrator roles, I've seen this provided by someone performing capacity planning / management (e.g. Capacity Planner).

25) Data Administrator: Specify and regulate location based data access and sharing [Liz, Ju]

  • Ju: Cloud Data Architect

26) Security Administrator: Manage Consumer’s risks associated with the cloud service (policies, audits, compliance) [Liz, Ju]

27) IT Auditor: monitors and audits for compliance

28) Consumer End User: Request & use resources, depending on aaS offering (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc. user) [Jacki, Liz, Ju, David Lyle, , Dave Neary, Matt Farina]

  • Ju: Cloud User, Infrastructure Consumer
  • Ju: Should we separate out the Consumer End User from the Paas Users (Cloud Application Architect, Cloud Application Developer)
  • Cloud Application Architect: The Cloud Application Architect is responsible for adapting, porting or deploying an application to a target cloud. They work closely with end users to ensure that an application's performance, reliability and security are all maintained throughout the life-cycle of the application. The architect's skills draw from both system administration experience (to tune the underlying OS and to act as System Administrator on instances) and from domain specific expertise (to tune the application and understand end user needs). Typically there is one architect per application domain who works closely with the Cloud Data Architect and the Cloud Administrators.
  • Matt: I think this should include developers, devops, and it admins who are using the cloud (as opposed to working on the cloud). For example, a developer building a product like ExpanDrive. Or, and IT Admin using a CLI to maintain a project.
  • Ju: Suggest to focus on this user role (as part of the technical community focus)

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