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Please refer to https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/murano-newton-priorities for the list of Murano team priorities for Newton cycle

Mitaka (April, 2016)

Starting with Mitaka cycle Murano project started using Reno for it's release notes. Please refer to the following pages:

Liberty (October, 2015)

Key Features

  • Improved UI for Heat-based packages in Murano // blueprint
  • Ability to select network for environment and application // blueprint
  • Ability to abandon environment // blueprint
  • Name field removed from object model as required field // blueprint
  • Migrate to newer version of YAQL // blueprint
  • Add application versioning // blueprint
  • Migration to Glance Artifact Repository as a backend for Murano // blueprint
  • Add support for heat environments and files // blueprint

Kilo (April, 2015)

Key Features

User Interface
  • Murano Dashboard installation as plugin to OpenStack Dashboard // blueprint
  • Call application actions from Murano Dashboard // blueprint
  • Get application actions result // blueprint
  • Manage categories for applications // blueprint | spec
  • Add applications to environment using drag-n-drop // blueprint
  • Configure environment network defaults // blueprint
  • Deploy applications to existing Neutron networks // blueprint
  • Support for nova-network // blueprint

Juno (October, 2014)

New Key Features:
  • Applications, based on Hot templates are now supported.
  • Additional author/supplier information // blueprint
  • Support of **actions** with deployed applications. Application author may set any action in the application definition.
  • Policy-based authentication support.
  • Pagination is now supported by Application Catalog UI.
  • Murano PL exception handling was totally reworked and improved.
Infrastructure changes:
  • Rename repository murano-api to murano // blueprint
  • Use Alembic for DB migrations // blueprint
Known issues:
Bug Possible solution
Environments, that hanged up during deployment can't be deleted Remove information about this invironment in database
Localisation is not supported by dymanic UI Use latin transcription
Dashboard gets down when Murano API service is not running Check murano-api is running, it's port and check, that MURANO_API_URL is present in the horizon settings
Upgrade Notes:


  • Murano-API and Murano-Engine service are now in a single repository
  • Murano-Metadata API is included to the Murano-API and repository for that service is not supported anymore

Config file upgrade

  • Sample config file was renamed from *murano-api.conf.example* to *murano.conf*.
  • Now it generates automatically with a special OpenStack tool
  • In new version Murano agent could be disabled with *disable_murano_agent* parameter.
  • New parameters in [networking] section provide opportunity to set up automatic router creation and network configuration.
  • New [rabbitmq] section is used by engine service and should contain similar configuration to a in default Rabbit MQ parameters.
  • New [stats] section provides opportunity to manage statistic collection.

Code quality

  • Unit and integration tests of all Murano components were totally reworked and extended, infrastructure for them was updated.

Version 0.5 (middle of April 2014)

Version 0.4.1 (February 10, 2014)

Release Notes

Version 0.4 (Dec 20, 2013 - released)

Release Notes

Version 0.3 (Nov 25, 2013 - released)

Release Notes

Version 0.2.1 (Sep 30th 2013 - released)

  • Bug fix release.
  • Known issues:
    • Bug with mysql database (Murano API can not use mysql data base, fixed in release 0.2.11)

Release Notes

Version 0.2.11 (Oct 1th 2013 - released)

  • Critical bug fix release.

Release Notes

Version 0.2 (Sep 5th 2013 - released)

  • Stabilize Core Services (bug fixing).
  • REST API generalization.
  • Wokflow diagnostics in Murano Conductor.
  • Dynamic UI (UI forms built on YAML definitions without any custom code).
  • Ability to select Windows image, Availability Zone and instance flavor.
  • Detailed documentation including on writing XML Workflows.
  • Support for SSL both in REST API and RabbitMQ communications.
  • Improved HA for Murano Conductor.
  • Packages for CentOS 6.4.
  • Additional Services:
    • Support for External Active Directory.
    • MS SQL Single Instance.
    • MS SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster.

Release Notes

Version 0.1 - Basic services provisioning (May 30th - released)

  • Core Services: REST API, Orchestration Engine.
  • Horizon dashboard extension as plugin.
  • Integration with Heat.
  • Support single Data Center (no Disaster Recovery).
  • Support the following Windows Services:
    • Active Directory - Single Domain with multiple domain controllers.
    • IIS Server - single instance of IIS Server.
    • IIS Web Farm - multiple IIS instances behind load balancer.
    • ASP.NET Application Service - ASP.NET application installed on top of IIS.
    • ASP.NET Web Farm - ASP.NET application with several instances behind load balancer.

Release Notes