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Murano/ReleaseNotes v0.4.1

Murano v0.4.1 is a bug fix release for a 0.4 version which is mostly improves Murano Metadata Repository that was introduced in the previous release. But besides bug fixes, new release includes some features. More information is avaliable on Murano launchpad page.

What's New

Per-tenant isolation in Metadata Repository

Now all service definitions will be avaliable for modification only inside tenant. Per-tenant repositories with service defenitions will be completely isolated from each other. These will be created on demand - at the moment when the first user of the given tenant attempt to use Murano for the first time. At the moment of creation the repository will be pre-populated by the "common" service definitions: the set of services which come bundled with Murano. They will be copied from some configurable location, and after that this tenant's repository will be isolated from both common folder and the repositories of other tenants.

Floating IP and VIP auto-assignment

In this release we are introducing auto-assignment of VIP and Floating IP. Since now you don't need to specify where your Neutron LBaaS is located, it will be detected automatically Besides that, you can set checkbox to assign Floating IP to your application during the deployment. This will allow users to connect from the external network to all applications, built with Murano. For the web-farm services Floating IP will be assigned to the instance with a load-balancer. Note, that this feature is only supported for a network topology with routers.

Key-pair assinment for linux servicies

The workflow of creation of linux-based servicies with key-pairs is completely reworked. Now it's possible to create a linux service both with key-pair and without it. In UI "Key Pair" field was added to the linux-services creation form, from where you can set with what key-pair you will connect to the instance.


In this release we add some useful improvements:

  • Link to stack detail information was added to the service details page
  • Sample prefix to config file names of all components were added
  • Integrated Murano installation with devstack. Now install Openstack with Murano is easy like ./stack.sh!

Bugs fixed

All known issues from the previous release were fixed. Total - 53 bugs were resolved. The main problem that remained after the previous release was with deploying farm servicies. In the release-0.4.1 all web-farm services can be deployed without any issues.

Known issues

Actual bug state can be found in Murano Launchpad page