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Weekly Nova team meeting

MEETING TIME: Thursdays alternating 14:00 UTC (#openstack-meeting) and 21:00 UTC (#openstack-meeting)

This meeting is a weekly gathering of developers working on OpenStack Compute (Nova). We cover topics such as release planning and status, bugs, reviews, and other current topics worthy of real-time discussion.

NOTE: this wiki page should be 'emptied' at the end of each meeting.

Agenda for next meeting

Next meetings scheduled for:

Add your IRC nick to this list to be pinged at the start of the meeting: abhishekk mikal tjones cburgess jgrimm adrian_otto funzo mjturek jcookekhugen irina_pov krtaylor danpb alexpilotti flip214 jaypipes gilliard garyk edleafe dims moshele anteaya Nisha sileht claudiub lxsli neiljerram markus_z swamireddy alevine tonyb andreykurilin ndipanov sc68cal akuriata artom jlvillal

  • Release Status
    • Liberty Deadlines and Dates
      • https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Liberty_Release_Schedule
      • June 12: spec review day (to be confirmed)
      • June 23: liberty-1 -- spec freeze for L, backlog stays open
      • July 10: feature review bash day (to be confirmed)
      • July 21-23: mid-cycle meetup
      • July 28: liberty-2 -- non-priority feature freeze
      • August 7: bug triage day (to be confirmed)
      • September 1: liberty-3 -- align with string freeze, etc, open specs for M
      • September 11: bug review bash day (to be confirmed)


There are also some Nova subteam meetings. See Nova#Active_Sub-teams: for details.

Previous meetings