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Weekly Documentation team meeting

If you're interested in documentation for OpenStack, we hold public meetings weekly in #openstack-meeting every Wednesday at alternating times for different timezones:

APAC: even weeks Wednesday, 00:30:00 UTC #openstack-meeting http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=OpenStack+AU+Docs+Meeting&iso=20151201T00&p1=1440&ah=1

US: odd weeks Wednesday, 19:00:00 UTC #openstack-meeting http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=OpenStack+US+Docs+Meeting&iso=20150304T19&p1=1440&ah=1

Download an ICS file for this specific meeting so you can import it into the calendar of your choice. Chair (to contact for more information): Lana Brindley (loquacities) and Shilla Saebi (shilla) Please feel free to add items to the agenda below and we'll cover them.

Agenda for next meeting

When starting the meeting, use #startmeeting docteam to provide consistency.

Apologies for absence

Add name here if you can't make it.

Previous meetings

Previous meetings, with their notes and logs, can be found in under Documentation/MeetingLogs

Running Meetings

Public meetings are run in IRC; we use MeetBot syntax to note what happens during the meeting. http://meetbot.debian.net/Manual.html


  • #startmeeting docteam
  • #topic <item>, for each agenda item that is being addressed
  • #link <url>, for relevant meeting URLs
  • #info <info> for important notes that need to be added to the minutes
  • #action <item>, to note tasks for a specific person
  • #endmeeting

After the meeting ends, edit the wiki page https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/MeetingLogs with links to the log and minutes (displayed in IRC at the end of each meeting).

Office hours

We no longer hold formal office hours, but if you would like to walk through documentation processes, learn about the tools, or report a doc bug, feel free to come by the IRC channel at #openstack-doc at any time. You can also open discussions by emailing the openstack-docs@lists.openstack.org mailing list.