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The I18n Team


Internationalization is essential to make OpenStack ubiquitous. The mission of OpenStack I18N team is to make OpenStack ubiquitously accessible to people of all language backgrounds, by enhancing OpenStack software internationalization, providing translation, maintaining a translation platform and managing translation process for high quality translations.

"Internationalization is the process of designing a software application so that it can be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes. Localization is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text." - from wikipedia.

The OpenStack I18N team will take responsible for the I18n and L10n of OpenStack. Our work will include:

  • Translation of documentations, messages, websites, and etc.
  • Translation platform maintenance and enhancements
  • I18n test


I18n team welcome any kinds of contribution.

Contribute to translations

If you want to help the translations, you can join a local translation team. You can find the translation jobs in this local team and contact with the coordinators.

If you cannot find your local team, you can request to create a local translation team.

If you want to report translation errors, go to openstack-i18n in Launchpad and report bugs. Mark bugs with a tag "translation".

There are three different roles in a translation team.

  • Coordinator: a privileged member in a translation team who can help in team management tasks, such as approving new members and reviewing contributions to that language. We also have task coordinators for specific tasks.
  • Member (Translator) : a person who can submit translations.
  • Reviewer: a person who can proofread translations and mark them as reviewed.

Contribute to translation tools

Go to this page tools to understand the tools/scripts which are support our translation platform. If you want to help to report bugs, add more wishlists, and improve them, you can report bugs and fix bugs here. Mark bugs with a tag "tools".

Fix I18n bugs

If you want to help to report or fix I18n bugs of OpenStack, go to openstack-i18n in Launchpad. Mark bugs with a tag "i18n".

Getting in touch

We use openstack-i18n@lists.openstack.org as the mailing list. We all hang out on #openstack-translation. The I18n team meets bi-weekly on Thursdays at alternating times, please see Meetings/I18nTeamMeeting

Local Translation Teams

Lead: Ying Chun "Daisy" Guo (Daisy on IRC)

Language Coordinators ID Translators ID
Brazilian Portuguese gabrielcw, mdieder
Catalan gabrielhurley, Mireia_Sangalo, yrobla edubarcelo, lynxman, yrobla
Chinese (China) daisy.ycguo yuanpu, fifieldt
English (Australia) fifieldt
French Steff00, Fdot
German alexsoft, saschpe jaegerandi, llaera, RedRider
Japanese ritchey98 (amotoki on IRC) katomo, Full Member List on Transifex
Korean ujuckr (ujuc on IRC) Yeonki, Nalee Jang, SangHyoung, Jay Lee, FunFun Yoo, Man-Ki Jung, James Ahn, Shin Seung Ho, Hyunsun Moon, Ikhwan Koo, Jaeyeun Charlie Yoon, Yi Su Kwon, Leeseul Jung
Polish DeeJay1
Punjabi Amandeep Singh Saini (jimidar on IRC) Aman Alam (alam on IRC), Ravinder Singh, Savitoj Singh (savitoj on IRC), Vipen Dhingra, Navpreet Kaur
Russian adiantum eshumakher
Spanish mariantb ladquin, vkmc, alberto.molina, aloga, rodrigoauditore, rvegagom, smarturo, vicdiaz, Makika, toote, electrocucaracha, heleno.jimenez, aburaschi, amejia, crodgut, dareste, itxaka, izaesa, jose.ramirez.rk, josephmartz, pnavarro, rferrer, sebasmagri
Vietnamese Hang Tran,Anh Phan, Tien Nguyen, Giang Duong Hoang Nguyen, Mai Thuy Ha, Bui Vo Quoc Bao, Nguyen Ba Cat, Don Tung, Nguyen Ngoc Duc, Hoang Vu, Tong Manh Cuong, Le Hoai Nam, Ha Van Ninh, Tran Viet Quang, Pham Tuan Anh, Quang Nguyen, Nguyen Thanh Vinh, Tran Dung, Trung Dung, Tam
Bahasa Indonesia / Indonesian Frans Thamura Frans Thamura