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As the number of production OpenStack deployments increase and more ecosystem partners add support for OpenStack clouds, it becomes increasingly important that the communities building services around OpenStack guide and influence the product evolution. The user committee's role is to represent the needs of the diverse range of OpenStack users. The user committee is advised by Working Groups, each of whom represents different user audiences and interests.

The user committee mission is to:

  • Consolidate user requirements and present these to the management board and technical committee[1].
  • Provide guidance for the development teams where user feedback is requested
  • Track OpenStack deployments and usage, helping to share user stories and experiences
  • Work with the user groups worldwide to keep the OpenStack community vibrant and informed

[1]= the User Committee may request an agenda item for the Board's meeting.

How to Engage?

The User Committee and its Working Groups co-ordinate via the user-commitee mailing list - feel free to join and post your ideas.

Consider looking at the working groups and teams below and joining their activities.

If you are interested in volunteering to help with User Committee efforts, please complete this form.

Attend our fortnightly IRC meetings, alternating between times convenient for US and APAC attendees:

Next US meeting: Monday, May June 6th, 2016 at 1900 UTC in (freenode) #openstack-meeting
Proposed Agenda:
Logs from past meetings: 
* http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/user_committee/2015/ 
* http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/uc/2016/
Subscribe to the Mailing List
Mailing List Archives

Planning for Austin: The User Committee will have a session during the Austin Summit. We are using this etherpad to plan our agenda. Please add your proposals to it!


The structure of the user committee is currently being defined. Jon Proulx, Subbu Allamaraju and Shilla Saebi have been nominated by the management board and technical committee to work with the community. This process is ongoing and your assistance is welcome - consider the following:

and post your thoughts on the user-committee mailing list.

Working Groups and Teams

The User Committee is currently looking at a structure that involves Working Groups to conduct specific packages of tasks. The Working Groups have a defined purpose and goal, and produce work to meet their stated aims. Working Groups will have their own leadership, which will be responsible for finding volunteers in the community to complete the work. Working Groups should be allowed to form naturally and easily where a need arises, without unnecessary bureaucratic burden. However, some controls should be enacted to ensure effort is best placed, and not duplicated, so please consider the procedure below:

Pages describing Working Group or Working Teams Status Co-Chairs User Audience Tag Expected Outcomes
Application Developer Hackathon Working Group #AppDevHack-WG Active Michael Jenkins & Gonzalo De La Torre Application Developers, DevOpps, SysAdmin, UX, Testing, etc. #AppHack-WG To provide advice and guidance for anyone looking to run a cloud application hackathon
Telco Meetings subsumed into Product Working Group and OpenNFV collaboration Steve Gordon (sgordon) Business Manager and Product Managers #Telco-WG Define the use cases and identify and prioritise the requirements which are needed to deploy, manage, and run telecommunication services on top of OpenStack.
Enterprise Working Group Active Carol Barrett <carol.l.barrett@intel.com> Enterprise Vendors and Customers #Enterprise-WG Action plans to solve Enterprise Private Cloud needs and issues.
Application Ecosystem Working Group Active John Callaghan, Victor Diaz Cloud Applications Developers #AppEco-WG To create an environment where a diverse array of applications built for OpenStack can thrive.
API Working Group Active Jay Pipes, Everett Toews Operators and Application Developers #API-WG To propose, discuss, review, and advocate for API guidelines for all OpenStack Programs to follow.
Fault Genes Working Group #FaultGenes-WG Active Nemat Bidokhti Operators and Application Developers #Fault-WG To create a failure mode taxonomy for Operators and Application Developers. To understand the DNA of failure in OpenStack.
Large Deployment Team Active Matt Van Winkle Operators #Deploy-WG To discuss the needs and issues of those running large OpenStack deployments
Log Rationalisation Active Rochelle Grober, Jay Pipes Operators #Log-WG
AUC Recognition Active Shamail Tahir, Maish Saidel-Keesing Whole of Community #Recognition-WG To assist the User Committee with defining its constituency
Ops Meetups Team Active Tom Fifield Operators #OpsMeet-Team An open team for those who are passionate about ops meetups to discuss and create the next successful events.
Osops (formerly Ops Tools) Active Joseph Bajin Operators #Monitor-WG To discover and detail best practices in ops monitoring and tools, and facilitate tool sharing
Packaging Sporadic Activity None yet Operators #Package-WG To be determined
Product Working Group Active Carol Barrett, Shamail Tahir Product and Business Managers #Product-WG To aggregate user stories from market-oriented work groups, partner with the development community on resources, and help gather data to generate a multi-release roadmap.
Ops Tags Team Active Tom Fifield, Edgar Magana, Jon Proulx, Shilla Saebi Operators #OpsTags-WG A team to define tags for ops, allowing users to make better decisions by providing useful information about OpenStack software projects.
User Survey Team Active Tom Fifield, Subbu Allamaraju, Jon Proulx, Shilla Saebi, Lauren Sell, Heidi Joy Tretheway Whole of Community #UserSurvey-WG The traditional group of people (user committee+foundation staff) who run the user survey.
Upgrades Working Group Sporadic Activity TBC Operators #Upgrade-WG To ease the pain of OpenStack upgrades.
scientific working group Active Stig Telfer & Blair Blethwaite Scientific Institutions Deploying, Operating and Contributing to OpenStack #Scientific-WG see wiki page
Diversity Working Group Active Carol Barrett, Kavit Munshi, Roland Chan All Community Members #Diversity-WG see wiki page: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Diversity