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Warning.svg Old Page

This page was used during the drafting process for the bylaws of the original OpenStack Foundation and could contain outdated information. The official version of the bylaws is kept at the Foundation website: http://www.openstack.org/legal/bylaws-of-the-openstack-foundation/

The current official website of the Open Infrastructure Foundation can be found at https://www.openinfra.dev

OpenStack User Committee

As the number of production OpenStack deployments increase and more ecosystem partners add support for OpenStack clouds, it becomes increasingly important that the communities building services around OpenStack guide and influence the product evolution. The OpenStack User Committee mission is to:

  • Consolidate user requirements and present these to the management board and technical committee
  • Provide guidance for the development teams where user feedback is requested
  • Track OpenStack deployments and usage, helping to share user stories and experiences
  • Work with the user groups worldwide to keep the OpenStack community vibrant and informed

The UC governance website at https://governance.openstack.org/uc/ contains all reference documents and resolutions voted by the OpenStack User Committee (which are openly managed via proposed changes to the openstack/governance git repository).

Current members

You can find a list of the current User Committee members here.

User Committee Charter

You can find a copy of the User Committee Charter here.

Working Groups & Teams

The User Committee working groups and teams aim to help users represent and achieve their needs through collaboration in the upstream community. The working groups and teams can be created as-needed and grow organically. You can find a list of the current Working Groups and Teams here and the requirements for establishing new Working Groups and Teams can be found here.


The user-committee mailing-list is used for communication within the User Committee. Posting is moderated for non-members.