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Zun (ex. Higgins) is the OpenStack Containers service. It aims to provide an API service for running application containers without the need to manage servers or clusters.



  • 2016-04-20 According to the discussion in the OpenStack Austin design summit, we are going to create a new project (which is Higgins) for providing OpenStack container service. The Magnum project (another OpenStack project for containers) will focus on deployment and management of Container Orchestration Engines (COEs).
  • 2016-06-07 We renamed the project from "Higgins" to "Zun"


Mailing List

Mailing list discussion for this team is on the OpenStack Developers Mailing List. Prepend the topic tag [Zun] to your subject line depending on the category of your inquiry.


Our developers use IRC in #openstack-zun on freenode for development discussion.

Office Hours

The Zun team (office hours) holds public meetings. We meet in #openstack-zun on Tuesday on UTC 03:00 every Tuesday.



Previous Meetings


  • Zun API: Process REST requests and validate inputted parameters.
  • Zun Compute: Launch containers and manage compute resources in localhost.
  • Keystone: Authenticate incoming requests.
  • Neutron: Provide networking for containers.
  • Glance: An option to store container images (another option is DockerHub).
  • Kuryr: A Docker network plugin for connecting containers to neutron networks.
Zun Architecture.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the relationship between Zun and Magnum?

Zun and Magnum are two independent projects. Zun aims to provide API service for managing containerized applications, while Magnum provides APIs to provision and manage Container Orchestration Engine (COEs), such as Kubernetes.

2) Who is Zun for? In comparison, who is Magnum for?

Zun is for users who want to create and manage containers as OpenStack-managed resource. Containers managed by Zun are supposed to be integrated well with other OpenStack resources, such as Neutron network and Cinder volume. Users are provided a simplified APIs to manage containers without the need to explore the complexities of different container technologies. Magnum is for users who want a self-service solution to provision and manage a Kubernetes (or other COEs) cluster.

3) What is the difference between Zun and nova-docker?

Nova-docker allows accessing containers via Nova's API, while Zun is not bounded by Nova's API.

4) Does Zun compete with Kubernetes (or other COEs)?

No. Zun and Kubernetes are complementary. In fact, Zun team is actively working on a Kubernetes integration feature. See this blueprint for details.