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Introduction to Zaqar Drivers

Zaqar has a modular architecture, and utilizes dynamically-loaded transport (frontend) and storage (backend) drivers via stevedore. All drivers have a defined base API that different implementations must inherit from and fully support.

<talk about requirments - functional ones are vetted by tests, also talk about non-functional reqs such as performance, duability, availability, operations, etc.>

Compatible 3rd-Party Drivers


Storage drivers, also known as backends, are responsible for storing the data coming from the transport layer. These drivers are accessible just by the transport layer and are meant to be used within Zaqar.

A storage driver is composed by 1 actual driver and 3 controllers.



Drivers Tests

Both layers - frontend and backend - are tested and certified by a well structured and designed suite which verifies that the implementation details, resources life-cycles and live behavior.

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  • Maintainer: Alejandro Cabrera, Prashant Raghu
  • More information: Redis