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  • Launchpad Entry: lp:~cisco-openstack/quantum/802dot1qbh-vifdriver-scheduler
  • Created: Aug 10 2011

VIF Driver Support for 802.1Qbh Scheme

Sumit Naiksatam <[[1]]> <


A VIF driver is implemented for the 802.1qbh type of libvirt virtual network interface.


The following is an example of the 802.1Qbh libvirt interface configuration:

  <interface type='direct'>
     <mac address=${mac_address}/>
     <virtualport type='802.1Qbh'>
       <parameters profileid=${profile_name}/>
     <model type='virtio'/>

The "device_name" and "profile_name" information needs to be obtained from the Quantum network service.

quantum/plugins/cisco/nova/vifdirect.py implements a VIF driver per the specifications in blueprint: http://wiki.openstack.org/network-refactoring#VIF_driver to communicate with the Quantum network service and obtain the "device_name" and the "profile_name" information. This information is obtained on the basis of the instance information (id, project_id, and user_id) information supplied by this driver to Quantum.

The following configuration flags need to be modified in the /etc/nova/nova.conf to use this VIF driver:

--libvirt_vif_driver=quantum.plugins.cisco.nova.vifdirect.Libvirt802dot1QbhDriver --libvirt_vif_type=802.1Qbh