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ThirdPartySystems/NEC CI

3rd party system: NEC CI
Gerrit Account: nec-openstack-ci
Contact Information: Akihiro Motoki (amotoki on IRC / motoki at da.jp.nec.com) / Email nec-openstack-ci@iaas.jp.nec.com
Intent: Test neutron changes with tempest using the NEC OpenFlow plugin
Structure: zuul, tempest, devstack, customized version of devstack-gate
Method: Each test run uses a fresh VM. devstack and OpenFlow controller run on a single node. After tempest tests are completed, logs are copied to the log server and the used VM is destroyed.
OpenStack Programs: Neutron
Current Status: Currently Stopped due to the CI infra problem that HTTPS connection under proxy fails with new python package [production, voting (+1 if succeeded, 0 if failed)]