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ThirdPartySystems/Intel OpenStack CI

3rd party system: Intel OpenStack CI
Gerrit Account: intel-zuul
Contact Information: <intel-openstack-ci@intel.com>, <dean.troyer@intel.com>, <timothy.gresham@intel.com>
Intent: Consolidate some of the older Intel third party CI systems under Zuul v3
Structure: Zuulv3, Nodepool, OpenStack Cloud, KVM/QEMU Virtual Machines
Method: Use Gerrit Trigger to trigger ZuulV3,. Deploy OpenStack on Intel hardware and run specific tests. Recheck comment: <tbd>.
OpenStack Programs: Neutron, Nova, OVS-DPDK, ODL, devstack, devstack-gate, Tempest
Current Status: Initial testing complete, migration of existing tests has begun.