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ThirdPartySystems/Freescale CI Testing

Freescale CI Testing System


The intent of Third party testing is to ensure that any new patch that is submitted for review by the OpenStack Neutron community does not break vendor plugins or drivers.

Freescale testing ensures that any patch that modifies certain specific code branches in neutron that could directly or indirectly impact Freescale SDN ML2 mechanism driver are tested and exercised with Freescale SDN ML2 mechanism driver codebase and Cloud Resource Discovery (CRD) service enabled.


The test system is designed to meet the following requirements that are set by the Openstack Neutron core team.

Test Requirements

Freescale testing system is designed to respond the following Gerrit events:

  • 'patchset-created’ : Whenever a new patch set is submitted to gerrit for review.
  • ‘comment-added’: Whenever a comment is added with “recheck no bug” or “recheck freescale” or “recheck bug ####” in order to trigger a new test run without submitting a new patch.
  • ‘change-restored’: Whenever a abandoned change is restored for review.

Tests executed

The tests proposed in Neutron Third Party Testing


Each change and patch set, individual directories are maintained to store the logs, like, <change>/<patchset>/ Each patch set directory holds the Jenkins console.txt, localrc.txt.gz and logs directory.

Contents of ‘logs’ directory include:

  • Devstack generated logs.
  • HTML formatted test report.
  • CRD service log.


Freescale CI testing system currently doesn’t vote +1/-1 on SUCCESS or FAILURE. But a detailed comment is submitted regarding the test results.

System Setup

Initial setup consists of two physical machines, running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server.

These machines are used as follows:

  • Jenkins master node – running Zuul, Gearman and Jenkins.
  • Jenkins slave node – running Devstack, CRD service and Devstack-gate.