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ThirdPartySystems/Brocade LBaaS CI

3rd party system: Brocade LBaaS CI
Gerrit Account: brocade-lbaas-ci
Contact Information: DL-GRP-ENG-brocade-adx-openstack-ci@Brocade.com
Intent: To continuously test all neutron-lbaas patches against Brocade LBaaS plugin
Structure: Jenkins to receive gerrit events, Scripts to trigger tests based on gerrit events, Devstack to setup OpenStack environments, Tempest to test
Method: jenkins triggers a script when there is a patchset created event in openstack/neutron-lbaas. The script installs a fresh devstack , pulls the change set,applies in neutron lbaas starts devstack, and test load balancer test cases using tempest.
OpenStack Programs: neutron-lbaas
Current Status: in production