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2018-10-09 21:32:19 UTC jungleboyj (on #openstack-cinder) to imacdonn for all he has been doing to help out Cinder lately!
2018-09-18 19:10:42 UTC jungleboyj (on #openstack-infra) clarkb for recovering my etherpad so quickly. Saved me a lot of stress and time. The infra team is amazing!
2018-08-16 13:35:55 UTC mnaser (on #openstack-infra) dhellmann working with doc team to help hit python3 goal
2018-08-15 19:43:15 UTC fungi (on #storyboard) fatema for all your help on storyboard!
2018-08-13 23:48:17 UTC lxkong (on #openstack-qinling) Hunt for add ut structure for python-qinlingclient and make the coverage to 60%!
2018-08-10 13:23:08 UTC mnaser (on #openstack-ansible) evrardjp for always maintaining our solid (and very difficult) release process in openstack-ansible
2018-08-08 17:41:30 UTC fungi (on #openstack-tc) diablo_rojo for chairing the First Contact SIG meeting every week at such an unfortunate hour in your night!
2018-06-28 13:03:13 UTC odyssey4me (on #openstack-ansible) to the RDO community for adding uwsgi packages to RDO, and for mnaser for helping to initiate that being done
2018-06-06 20:11:40 UTC mriedem (on #openstack-dev) dhellmann for writing up the joint leadership meeting summary
2018-05-07 22:07:44 UTC lbragstad (on #openstack-oslo) dhellmann for helping fix a python3 bug with keystone config generation
2018-04-09 10:40:17 UTC ianw (on #openstack-infra) many thanks to auristor for helping with AFS recovery after a full disk issue. detailed knowledge pinpointing issues saved much time and effort
2018-03-28 16:16:32 UTC dmsimard (on #openstack-infra) logan- and Limestone Networks for donating cloud resources to the OpenStack CI infrastructure!
2018-03-26 20:17:41 UTC lbragstad (on #openstack-dev) dhellmann for helping keystone work around some interesting test cases with stevedore
2018-03-23 00:46:12 UTC dmsimard (on #openstack-infra) smcginnis for doing those release countdowns on openstack-dev :D
2018-03-16 22:23:52 UTC kong (on #openstack-qinling) Hunt to help make Qinling's test coverage better
2018-03-14 11:42:33 UTC evrardjp (on #openstack-ansible) all the OSA community for making Queens happen!
2018-03-01 09:36:10 UTC eumel8 (on #openstack-infra) ianw for the great support and bringing Zanata 4 online
2018-03-01 01:47:14 UTC ianychoi (on #openstack-infra) ianw for kind help on upgrading to Zanata 4 which has much better UI and improved APIs!
2018-02-28 16:43:30 UTC thingee (on #openstack-dev) dhellmann for setting up community wide goals + good use of storyboard https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project/923
2018-02-22 15:07:46 UTC thingee (on #openstack-doc) pkovar for keep the Documentation team going!
2018-02-22 02:52:12 UTC mnaser (on #openstack-infra) pabelanger and infra for getting ubuntu mirrors repaired and backup quickly!
2018-02-21 16:40:56 UTC mnaser (on #openstack-keystone) lbragstad for helping troubleshoot an intermittent fernet token validation failure in puppet gates
2018-02-20 22:13:33 UTC khyr0n (on #openstack-ironic) TheJulia
2018-02-20 20:47:13 UTC andreaf (on #openstack-qa) tosky for backporting devstack ansible changes to pike!
2018-02-20 07:48:35 UTC csatari (on #openstack-dev) thingee for Thanks Bot
2018-02-20 02:08:17 UTC dmsimard (on #openstack-infra) openstackstatus for logging our things
2018-02-19 22:49:54 UTC Swanson (on #openstack-cinder) <smcginnis> for not stopping this.
2018-02-19 21:06:16 UTC flwang (on #openstack-containers) strigazi for the v1.9.3 image
2018-02-15 01:23:39 UTC fungi (on #openstack-dev) diablo_rojo and persia for smooth but "rocky" ptl elections!
2018-02-14 15:13:04 UTC fungi (on #openstack-infra) zuul v3 for having such detailed configuration syntax error reporting
2018-02-03 15:33:22 UTC AJaeger (on #openstack-infra) to mordred for laying wonderful groundwork with the tox_siblings work
2018-01-30 13:44:50 UTC AJaeger (on #openstack-infra) cmurphy for your investigation
2018-01-22 17:34:23 UTC AJaeger (on #openstack-doc) corvus for deleting /draft content
2018-01-09 16:08:33 UTC fungi (on #openstack-infra) to Matt Van Winkle for volunteering to act as internal advocate at Rackspace for our control plane account there!
2017-12-20 16:33:40 UTC fungi (on #openstack-infra) dmsimard and mnaser for getting deep-linking in ara working for firefox
2017-12-13 18:33:57 UTC diablo_rojo (on #openstack-101) spotz for watching the #openstack-101 channel and helping to point newcomers to good resources to get them started :)
2017-12-11 14:49:00 UTC smcginnis (on #openstack-infra) fungi jeblair mordred AJaeger and other infra-team members for clearing up release job issues
2017-11-05 06:14:58 UTC flanders_ (on #openstack-sdks) cdent for his analysis of PTG comments.
2017-11-03 04:30:07 UTC flanders_ (on #openstack-sdks) thingee for making thanks bot
2017-10-17 21:26:09 UTC thingee (on #openstack-doc) AJaeger, ildikov, diablo_rojo, dhellmann, spotz, ttx for getting the initial contributor guide merged!
2017-10-10 18:29:36 UTC thingee (on #openstack-infra) AJaeger for keeping the Contributor Guide progress going on infra and doc team sides.
2017-10-09 21:13:50 UTC thingee (on #openstack-infra) mordred for making project creator documentation more clearer with zuul v3
2017-10-09 21:07:30 UTC thingee (on #openstack-infra) pabelanger for merging thanks bot.