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Road Map

NOTE: We do not use blueprints in Telemetry projects. If a patch is complex or controversial, please raise the topic to the mailing list using the [telemetry] tag. In very rare cases will a spec or blueprint be required.

Priority Work Items

The following are high priority items targeted for the current cycle that require owners:

Open Work Items

The following is a list of work items that have been approved conceptually and can be targeted for the current development cycle. If a new resource is found, the following will happen; if not, it might take a while.

For more information on a item, contact us on openstack-dev mailing list or on freenode at #openstack-telemetry. The current list of core contributors can be found at each projects respective page:

All Projects

  • service status interface
    • raise details on health, message processing rate, etc...

Aodh (alarming)

  • wishlist items
  • in-tree functional tests
  • event alarm multiple workers
  • use oslo.messaging batch notification listener
  • alarm CRUD events
  • adopt oslo.db pagination
  • add an evaluator to query against prometheus

Ceilometer (data collection)

Gnocchi (metric storage)

  • NOTE: Gnocchi has moved outside of OpenStack scope. It is developed outside of OpenStack but will remain compatible.
  • Issues tracked at gnocchi github

Future Targets

These ideas have been discussed/introduced at a high-level. They are areas of interests for the users/developers of Ceilometer but still require discussion. Proposals for concrete work items related to these items are welcomed for future cycles:

  • log processing
  • application level monitoring
  • group based configuration control - connect tooz to manage configuration and allow for better control of configuration updates.
    • nova cell metrics
    • nova availability zone metrics
  • project level pipeline control. enable ability to poll at different frequencies per project.
  • granular ttl control (project level / meter level)
  • CADF event indexer - generic definition to index all CADF events
  • stop using WSME in aodh
  • Use specific configuration to load selected stevedore extensions, not all of them
    • remove stevedore plugins out of tree
  • Add more complete evaluation of the upgrade process in the grenade plugin.
  • Notification and pollster driven functional/integration tests.

Past Cycles