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Meeting Minutes


Jackie, Litao, Xiaohua, Babak, Quan


  • Babak talked about the main tasks: Package porting, starlingX runtime services and dependency analysis, validation and testing method. For the starlingX services, need someone to investigate so we can get a more clear picture and more accurate packages list to port.
  • Litao talked about the assignment process and everyone agreed on the self-assignment process after discussion.
  • Jackie mentioned about the recipes structure in meta-starlingX and needed Babak's explanation.


  • Litao:
    • Investigate and get a rough estimation about the efforts on the analysis of the dependencies of starlingX runtime services.
    • Give everyone the detail of self-assignment process.
  • Babak:
    • Make a write-up about the explanation of current recipes structure in meta-starlingX, especially for those in recipes-core/stx-XYZ.
  • Everyone:
    • Follow the self-assignment process and continue on packages porting.