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The current patch for stx-metal devstack plugin is https://review.openstack.org/#/c/616402

stx-metal services are successfully installed and started on Ubuntu 16.04. Functionality of the services are not enabled.

Started services: mtcAgent/mtcClient, hbsAgent/hbsClient, pmon, rmon, hwmon, fsmon, mtcalarm, mtclog, hostw.


Story: https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2003161

23296 Install and start stx-metal services with devstack plugin
WIP. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/616402

28113 Resolve dependencies on other projects to run mtce
Not started. mtce depends on other stx projects to collaborate with, e.g. stx-config, stx-ha, stx-update, stx-nfv. These project's devstack plugin are not fully enabled or not configured to communicate with stx-metal. Other 3rd party such as haproxy are needed as well.

28114 node configuration instead of puppet
Not started. In task 23296, a minimal configuration was added. To enable the functionality, more puppet configuration must be applied.

28116 fix e_nova-init error in compute node
Not started.

28169 Test for mtce services
Not started.

Current Issues

Waiting for host add in sysinv database.
2018-11-30T19:10:24.468 [26576.00061] controller-0 mtcAgent --- nodeBase.cpp ( 681) log_adminAction  : Info : controller-0 Add Action
2018-11-30T19:10:24.468 [26576.00062] controller-0 mtcAgent tok tokenUtil.cpp ( 707) tokenUtil_new_token  : Info : controller-0 Requesting Authentication Token
2018-11-30T19:10:24.468 [26576.00063] controller-0 mtcAgent tok tokenUtil.cpp ( 118) tokenUtil_get_first  : Info : controller-0 waiting on token request completion loop:0
2018-11-30T19:10:25.469 [26576.00064] controller-0 mtcAgent tok tokenUtil.cpp ( 138) tokenUtil_get_first  : Info : controller-0 got token after 1 seconds
2018-11-30T19:10:25.554 [26576.00067] controller-0 mtcAgent --- mtcHttpUtil.cpp ( 454) mtcHttpUtil_status  : Warn : controller-0 Status: 404
2018-11-30T19:10:25.554 [26576.00068] controller-0 mtcAgent inv mtcInvApi.cpp ( 238) mtcInvApi_load_host  : Warn : controller-0 not found in database
2018-11-30T19:10:25.554 [26576.00069] controller-0 mtcAgent mtc mtcNodeCtrl.cpp (1082) _self_provision  : Warn : controller-0 inventory record not found in database, retrying ...

2018-11-28T20:47:31.760 [5994.14475] controller-0 mtcClient msg mtcCompMsg.cpp ( 936) send_mtcAlive_msg  : Warn : failed to send <> (22:Invalid argument) (Mgmnt)

2018-11-28T00:55:44.086 [5522.00006] localhost hbsAgent hbs hbsAgent.cpp (1552) daemon_service_run  : Info : GOENABLE wait ...

2018-11-28T20:57:53.838 [5865.00604] controller-x hbsClient --- daemon_files.cpp (1061) daemon_wait_for_file  : Warn : Waiting for /var/run/goenabled_subf


  1. Add CentOS 7.5 support, add dependencies to files/rpm/stx-metal
  2. fix shell script "loop syntax error" of mtcAgent/hwmon ocf scripts in Ubuntu, Ubuntu uses dash as default shell.
  3. Implement other configurations than All-in-one simplex.



enable_plugin stx-metal $METAL_REPO refs/changes/02/616402/14