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Sysinv Devstack summary

has run successfully on devstack env (latest tested on VM Ubuntu 16.04 should support CentOS 7.5)

sysinv-cond ,sysinv-cond and sysinv-agent services can run successfully

and enable zuul test(non-voting) you can check https://review.openstack.org/#/c/618611/

Limitation or Issue

  • devstack are using postgresql for starlingx because it is using in live env. if use mysql, will meet some errors.
  • sysinv-api port is same as ironic port 6385
  you can define SYSINV_SERVICE_PORT to avoid port conflicting. 
  • for devstack enabling, we disable tls-proxy,


  • cgcsclient has depends on smapi, so system command can not be used yet. you can workaround to remove this depends in cgts-client/cgtsclient/v1/client.py
  • test-config setup and tempest test

sample localrc