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OpenStack at PyCon 2012

PyCon 2012 will be held in Santa Clara, CA this year. Details here:


If you are attending the OpenStack sprints, add yourself to the PyCon Sprints page.

Join us here!

  • #openstack-pycon on IRC

Security Reminder

Remember, we are on an insecure network shared with the hotel during the sprints. Check those firewalls and public shares and watch for unusual network behaviour.

Proposed Sprint Topics

  • solving the "not-file-injection" bootstrap of auth
  • an effective and agreed upon method for supporting read-write metadata (plus or minus the auth concerns)
  • finishing the RBAC work
  • defining a first draft of an API for layer 3 networking support
  • adding test coverage for eventlet in Nova
  • finishing the Consolidate Testing Infrastructure blueprint
  • Horizon improvements for Quantum support
  • Python devstack (check it out on github)
  • Quantum bugs/low-hanging fruit - http://wiki.openstack.org/QuantumStarterBugs

Documentation Items

Overview of RBAC model and policy.json configuration

LDAP with Keystone

Configuring nova-api

Configuring the ec2 compatibility api for Compute

Object store configuration for Compute

Metadata configuration for Compute

Network configuration - Linux bridging, OVS, Multi-nic