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Specs submission Deadline (SD)

Specs submission Deadline (SD) is one of the milestones in OpenStack's release schedule. Like all freezes, it happens at 23:59 UTC.


Once SD kicks in, you are no longer allowed to propose blueprints and specs for the current development release. Such blueprints should be automatically set to "Postponed" by the Chief Architect.


In order to give time to evaluate the specs and start the prioritization of the work, while still keeping a long time for development, it is necessary to get the final list of the blueprints considered for a given release as soon as possible.

SD occurs one week after the design summit, to give time for drafters to finalize their specs.

Exception procedure

If you want to propose a blueprint (and its corresponding spec) for inclusion in the development release after SD, follow those steps:

  • Make sure your blueprint is ready to be approved (has a complete spec document attached, has a target series...)
  • Open a bug in Launchpad against the relevant product, with Summary starting with "[SDE]"
  • In the description, provide the following information:
    • Benefit of the feature
    • Resources allocated to development
  • Link the proposed blueprint to the bug
  • Set the blueprint status to "Pending approval"

The chief architect will evaluate the request and grant or deny the exception. Remember however that the next release is just a few months away :)