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Blueprint: CI/CD Events

One of Solum's primary tenants is to make hosted ALM very transparent to app developers. When something goes wrong, it is infuriating when your only recourse is to poke blindly at a black-box until something clicks. Surfacing CI/CD events is one way we can improve ALM transparency.

Generating events

Events will be generated by a structured logging helper. Loglines will be categorized according to target audience (user vs. operator). This logger will be implemented as a separate blueprint.

Note that the operator will need to process and filter the log stream and import the resulting data into the datastore corresponding to the driver they configure for the API (see below). Code for this will not be initially provided, but we may consider pulling something in if it becomes a de-facto standard.




  • Should we allow clients to request a Elasticsearch-compatible media type in addition to a clean, native Solum document format?

Driver interface


Reference drivers

We will need blueprints for these:

  • SQLAlchemy
  • Elasticsearch