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System Overview


Solum User Interface

Solum exposes its "user interface" via the following mechanisms:

    • Consumed by:
      • CLI interface
      • GIT
      • a set of SDK's in various languages
      • UI Console
      • IDE Plugins

Solum Roadmap

Milestone 1: Basic app deployment functionality

Milestone 2: Additional Features

  • SOLUM-R5: Capability: Service Add-on framework
  • SOLUM-R6: Enable Trove via the Add-on framework
  • SOLUM-R1: Application deployment/management [R1.4 - R1.11]
  • Streaming logs (not archive) – consolidated view of logs for a given app
  • Language pack framework – combine packs, ability to pick a specific pack [R2.3, R2.4]
  • Load balanced set of app container instances
  • Additional languages and services [example services - MongoDB, MemCache, NewRelic, etc]

Milestone 3: Additional Features

  • Auto scaling
  • Self-healing
  • Application performance monitoring (CPU, memory utilization, etc.)
  • Continuous Integration (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Custom SSL Certificates
  • Container Sleep/Wake

Milestone 4: Production Ready

  • Environments (Dev, Test, Prod, custom)
    • Application Lifecycle Management (promote code from dev to test to prod)
  • SDK for interfacing with the PaaS REST API
  • Interactive Web Console
  • Roles and privileges

Milestone 5: Advanced Features

  • Non-web workloads (Background and scheduled jobs)
  • HA via distributed placement of load balanced set of code container instances
  • Network isolation - dedicated private network for applications
  • IDE Plugins for Eclipse, IntelliJ, JBoss Studio, Komodo
  • Integration with online IDE
  • Online developer sandbox
  • Additional services