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Configuration Discovery Terms

The following terms are used to describe discovery more narrowly and differentiate configuration discovery concepts, while in combination they specify much of what Satori aims to accomplish.

Control Plane Discovery

Using native bindings, client libraries (pyrax, boto, novaclient, libcloud, etc.) or cloud APIs to attain information about a configuration. This requires credentials/api tokens, and could provide: a server's image data, a server's region, a load-balancer's VIPs and nodes, networking info, etc.

Data Plane Discovery

Making direct observations about a configuration by running commands/utilities directly on the system, or accessing and analyzing a system's network interface. This might require login credentials for the host resource, and could provide information ranging from disk usage to packages installed to motherboard fan speeds.

SysInfo Provider

One of any open source applications or utilities that will examine a host machine and return verbose information about that system. Satori will leverage/support these tools for Data Plane Discovery.