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WORK IN PROGRESS - "poc-tripple-o-discovery"

Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/satori/+spec/satori-specialize-in-tripple-o

Summary: For OpenStack administrators it could be valuable to sanity-check their OpenStack configs using a tool like Satori.

That would be simple where OpenStack is run ON OpenStack (Tripple-O). In such cases Satori can easily discover control-plane and data-plane details. Then we can apply opinions from other OpenStack administrators/engineering teams rather than rely on technical documentation.

Having technical documentation/process codified and actively working for humans is one of the major goals of satori for tenants of OpenStack clouds. Let's specialize to help OpenStack administrators get good help from other admins to make running a cloud at scale a little bit simpler.

Why try? Even with config management (which should be present in any proper web-scale cloud), there can be config in production that is not documented and affecting the performance of the system. Satori could become the silent, but always on "sanity checker" applying thing learned all over the world to your cloud in a very simple way.

This use case also makes Satori a part key of OpenStack, rather than just another tool for quality checking systems.