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Modifying a Cluster template

Release Note

Currently there is 'cluster_templates_update()' function. However that function just return the not_implemented() function contained the 501 error("This API operation isn't implemented") In the backend, 'cluster_templates_update()' function should be implement completely as defining some new functions.

In the dashboard, Create the new file using 'create.py' and 'copy.py'.

When this is implemented, savanna dashboard will show the 'modify template' butten in 'Actions' part and it can be modify a cluster template.

User stories

  • User want to change some content of template, they will click the 'modify template' button.
  • Savanna dashboard will show the selected value.
  • User can be modify some values they want to change.


  • Backend

  • Savanna Dashboard
savanna dashboard


  • Rest API process
    • Implement and add 'cluster_template_update' class of each process
  • Savanna dashboard
    • Add 'update template' button

Code Changes

  • Rest API process
    • /api/v10.py
    • /service/api.py
    • /conductor/api.py
    • /manager.py
    • /db/api.py
    • /sqlalchemy/api.py
  • savanna dashboard
    • /cluster_templates/tables.py
    • /cluster_templates/urls.py
    • /cluster_templates/views.py
    • /api/cluster_templates.py

Test/Demo Plan

  1. Using the modify function, change the values what you want.
  2. Confirm the values of node group template was changed.

Unresolved issues