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The Quantum GUI should expose all tenant operations exposed as part of the core Quantum API.

Communication with Quantum should be over the tenant web services API.

Key operations include

  • creation/modify/delete networks
  • view set of available interfaces exposed by "interface services"
  • attach/detach those interfaces from networks.

Some representation of additional attributes exposed by QuantumAPIExtensions may be desirable as well (e.g. QoS, ACL's, etc). An example template for this GUI would be the work to modify OpenStack dashboard for the Quantum demo given at the Diablo summit. The bulk of the code can be done in a "django-quantum" module.

This work may benefit from shared client library code with the QuantumClientCLI work.

Screenshots from the latest development branch of the dashboard:


Dashboard instances.png

List of networks:

Dashboard network home.png

Create a network:

Dashboard network create.png

Network created:

Dashboard network created.png

Network details:

Dashboard network detail.png

Create ports:

Dashboard port create.png

Ports created:

Dashboard port created.png

Attach port:

Dashboard port attach.png

VIF Select:

Dashboard select vif.png

Port Attached:

Dashboard port attached.png

Delete Port:

Dashboard port delete.png

Delete Confirmation:

Dashboard port delete confirm.png

Port Delete error:

Dashboard port delete error.png

Port deleted:

Dashboard port deleted.png

Turn port UP:

Dashboard port up.png

Port activated:

Dashboard port upped.png

Turn Port Down:

Dashboard port down.png

Port turned down:

Dashboard port downed.png

Rename network:

Dashboard network rename.png

Network renamed:

Dashboard network renamed.png

Delete Network:

Dashboard network delete.png

Delet error (connected ports):

Dashboard network delete error.png

Network deleted:

Dashboard network deleted.png